Selling your home can be one of the most emotional experiences of a lifetime.  You will be working closely with your Realtor, so it is important to select someone with whom you feel comfortable and who understands you needs.  Look for a solid track record and professional manor.  Working with an expert makes all the difference.  Take a look at my active listings!


Once you have decided to sell your home, it is helpful to try to view it as the commodity it has become--with features and assets, which need to be displayed in their best possible light.


Some Helpful Suggestions:

Depersonalize it so potential Buyers can visualize living in it themselves. Put away personal photos and mementos. Any fixtures not included in the sale, like window treatments or Great Aunt Sally's chandelier should be packed away now rather than haggled over later.


Declutter your closets and storage spaces. We want to give the impression of ample storage space. A general rule: If you're not taking it with you, get rid of it now. Pack up out of season clothes and shoes. I can help you arrange for storage, a tag sale or tax deductible donations.


Objectively examine each room for noticeable yet easily fixable repairs that can be made; are there excessive nail holes? Does the toilet run or sink drip? A fresh coat of paint or shampooed carpet can make a huge impact on a potential buyer's first impression.


Clean, Clean, Clean! Aside from daily routine cleaning, I highly suggest a top to bottom scrubbing: baseboards, switch plates and doorknobs should sparkle. Under and behind radiators, too. Run a dehumidifier in the basement and/or garage. Do what you can to eliminate must or pet odors.


Make sure your lawns and gardens are well tended. Weeds should be pulled, grass mowed, leaves blown. Walkways and driveways should be free of obstruction, swept or shoveled clean.



Pricing your home, especially in today's market, requires a strong knowledge of the market both past and present.  Factors include:


Price- The Price should reflect, in addition to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the condition and location of the property.  If a home lacks features of recent sold comps or active competitors, it is time to adjust the price.


Comparables-This includes properties that are currently listed (your competition); properties that have recently sold and the price for which they sold and properties that expired without selling.


Time-A reasonable time period to market the property, which may vary according to each seller's needs.


Market Conditions-This is influenced by the number of homes currently available, the number of buyers and financing conditions at lending institutions.


As an experienced and confident Realtor, my job is to get you, my Seller, the best price with the best terms feasible and make the process a rewarding experience.  Houlihan Lawrence has the broadest marketing network in Real Estate.  I will handle the marketing, the Buyers and their Agents, the inspections process and facilitate the closing process for you.


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